Posted by: Tina McInerney | March 21, 2007

:) Round 2 of CKNW Talk Show Idol :)

cknw.jpgI thought that the call backs for the next round of CKNW Talk Show Idol were yesterday so when CKNW’s Kevin Hayes called today I was most surprised. I did not realize that I would be this shocked about advancing.cknw.jpg

I sure am pleased to be pursuing a goal that was not too long ago undreamt of. Not because of my ability or desire because of my poor opinion of myself. Along with the burden of misleading people about my reading silks and the horror of anyone discovering the fact that I was an alternative learner (also know as dyslexic) I just did not ever entertain the possibility.
I have never liked entering in any kind of election because I don’t like the popularity
speaking-girl-color.jpg contest component. At school I was always pick last for the obvious reasons. Even in sports because I was tiny so again last. Things sure are changing fast with this writing thing happening for me. I am on my second election this year.

thanks for listening this is Tina McInerney saying good afternoon and good bye until next time …..thanks i.m. for the advice

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  1. hey – is that you in that little picture? you HAD said that you were wearing a red top and black pants …

  2. Hi,
    Best of luck in this – great photo!

  3. […] that tina made it to the second round of CKNW’s talk show host contest […]

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