Posted by: Tina McInerney | July 24, 2007

Tina McInerney :) The Picture of Dyslexia?

When we think of the alternative learners (AKA dyslexic) we tend to associate it with people having difficulty with reading and writing. This is not true for me. I mix up or transpose symbol as frequently as I do numbers and letters. The push or pulls signs on doors and the arrows pointing up or down on elevators give me just as much grief if not more at time then text.

The two universal symbols that have proven to be the most embarrassing for me are the male female washroom sign. If I am wearing pant I usually head straight for the sign with the picture of a person with pants.

When the words Men and Women are used to indicate one gender from the other I have a fifty/ fifty change of ending up in the wrong washroom. I see the part of the word that I recollect in the word men’s with a quick glance the symbol that I am looking for has been identified in my brain then off I go. A special thank you to the person who thought to put the urinals out in the open. Now the picture of the urinals tells me to close my eye, turn around, run and don’t look back.

I bet that you are wondering if I still go into the wrong bathroom or if I have a new way of cracking the secret toilet code.

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Tina McInerney

the picture of dyslexia

a person with an alternative way of learning


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