Posted by: Tina McInerney | August 17, 2007

My symbol is an image of ability

I have an extreme dislike for the word dyslexic because it is not true for me and because it describes me as a person with a disability. I can read but I do it in a different way so I prefer to be called “a person with an Alternative Learning style”.

Saying that “I am a person with an Alternative Learning style” changes the way I see myself and that affects the way others see me.

The logo that I created presents a new idea aimed towards the Ability of someone with an Alternative Learning style opposed to the old ones that focus on the negative or the DYS.

I total appreciate that an icon or symbol needs to be understood with out explanation but LD or Learning Disabled or Severally Learning Disabled is outdated and is misunderstood.

My symbol is an image of Ability

symbol for dyslexia by Tina mcInerney

Here I will break it down

An open book is the international symbol for Education

AL Alternative Learner means that we have our own different way of learning that is not part of our present Education system

3D The Alternative Learning style means that we have the Ability to process information with pictures and the Ability to imagine and manipulate them Three Dimensionally inside of out mind.

I also came up with a few ideas using a camera and an eye for imagination but this logo can be worldwide by changing the initials AL inside of the book to suite each different language.


  1. Well Tina I never like the confused diffinition either so I started a website dedicated to clearing the confusion up. You should check it out and join my University 🙂

    So here it is (You can get this on a tee shirt so you can tell others).

    the umbrella slang word for public’s inability to understand the complex and extraordinary thought process of ‘Multi-dimensional FreeThinking”. -Stacy Poulos FreeThinkers University

  2. […] we have my friend tina, who shushes me every time i use the word “learning disability”. have a taste of it: i have an […]

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