Posted by: Tina McInerney | November 16, 2007

Dislexic Penguins Red and Blue

Tina Mcinerney Dislexic Penguins


The truth about reading is not always black or white but I have discovered that I have a separate colour for ether side of my brain. I became aware of this accidentally while learning to paint with acrylics.

I was painting without a direction and ended up with a canvas half red and half blue. With out any thought I picked what side of the canvas got what colour. The right side is blue and the left is red.

The sight of my creation sparked a flood of images reminding me of where I have unconsciously repeated this patted of colour. At first it was really creepy to see the pictures in my head of so many examples of red/ blue there are in my life. Right side blue and left side red is my brain sorting itself out like balancing a scale or putting information in ordered.

The day after I realize the red blue phenomenon I was ordering 2 penguin cookies at my favourite Starbucks and was asked if I would like blue or red.

As I was taking a picture of the 2 penguin cookies red blue for “The Truth About Reading” I could not resist the urge to sink your teeth into the red penguin. And them I felt sorry for the blue penguin so I introduced him to one of my dog’s biscuits. Latter that day the blue penguin was found on the kitchen table headless so I ate it. And the dog ate Mr. Biscuits before I could put the lenses cap was back on my camera.



  1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    There are so many ways to read and so many tricks to use. Color can definitely help with reading. Dyslexics have trouble tracking and coding so there are graphic ways of adapting to those challenges.
    Cool blog, keep it up!
    -Scott Kellum

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