About Tina McInerney?

Tina McInerneyIn my life experience as a learner, I discovered a great deal about adversity. I struggled with dyslexia and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) all through high school and was still unable to read by the end of grade 12. But as the mother of two children, who share my unique learning style, I believe that disadvantages shouldn’t spell the end of success and that it is important to remember that you can still get what you want in life, with or without an “Alternative” way of learning.

Inspired by pain, frustration and the need to change the world’s perception of the alternative learner, McInerney now heads up the The Society for Immediate Awareness of Alternative Learning a group that advocates for and supports those in need of new, non-traditional teaching methods. In addition to her recent endeavours with Burnaby Parks and Recreation, the Youth Skateboard Park Project MEAN 2 SK8 and Team Union, McInerney initiated a project called Class Room 13 at Montecito Elementary School.

For more information about Tina McInerney or the IAAL The Society for Immediate Awareness of Alternative Learning

Call  604-457-0807 or tinabc@shaw.ca Tina McInerney Skateboard

Tina McInerney Skateboard Park Projects

Metro Skateboard Park project “Mean 2 Sk8” & “Team Union”demonstrated the hidden natural abilities of people with alternative learning styles and promoted the power positive solutions.

As I had only recently begun to write, the proposal took me over 3 months to put to together. I had a lot of help from my friends and co-directors to begin writing down my ideas, and before submitting the completed proposal to Burnaby Parks Board the document had been spell checked and corrected by folks from 17 to 72…Tina McInerney Skateboard

The results were three new skateboard parks in the works for Burnaby, designed and planned by youth together with the community. The project and the mostly male teens had a heap of media publicity and political attention. I learned that believing in our children and showing an interest in their music and culture was not only extremely rewarding but was truly a lot of fun.

It was most meaningful when the Parks Board came through for the youth by including them in the planning and design. My only regret was that I missed the grand opening and that Team Union is not part of the celebration or mentioned anywhere on the skate park plank.mean-4-green-2.jpg

Team Union and the Skateboard Park Mean 2 Sk8 project inspired me and gave me the courage to take on The Truth About Reading .



  1. Hi Tina
    Cuzz Colin Here
    Good article I enjoyed reading it, What you up to these days
    How are the Alex and don and mum have you had your holidays yet

    Will get back to you soon

    Love Cuzzxxxxxxxxxxx

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