Posted by: Tina McInerney | May 16, 2016

Good bye IAAL and hello Tina BC McInerney

I would like to share a few decisions that I have made while living in my new house.

The businesses aspect of a not for profit society has become an obstacle I want to focuses my attention where I can be successful

This part of my advocacy work has always held me back.   The anxiety I have regarding paper work and my lack of confidence surrounding my ability to read and write is the main reason.

I know that I can do the work involved but I have begun to resent it for draining me and needing my attention and distracting me form thing that I am good at.I will continue with my book and uphold the mission and goals of the IAAL as an activist and artist

I hope to find the support of an existing educational group and apply for grants and funding as an individual

I has been not been easy  to give up on a project that means so much to me but I am ready to find a different way

So good bye IAAL and hello Tina BC McInerney



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